Products Offered

Health Insurance 

Doctor and Patient

In the Health Industry there is no One Size fits all plan. When shopping for a health insurance policy be sure to be transparent with your agent so that he may provide you with all the coverage that fits your needs.

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Life Insurance 

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

When looking at a life insurance be sure to explain all your needs so that when you are no longer with your loved ones they will have enough to cover all expenses. A good Life Insurance brings Peace of Mind for you and your loved ones.

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Dental Insurance 

Female white toothy smile

Dental Insurance can be acquired in two ways, as a discount or as insurance coverage. Main difference between the two is that with a Dental plan you can expect waiting periods and with a Discount plan your coverage begins right away.

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Vision Insurance

Smiling Professional Looking Woman

Vision plans are normally very inexpensive and can be helpful to those who use glasses. There are discount plans available but normally an insurance will provide better coverage and no waiting periods are required.

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Short Term Insurance 

Woman Donating Blood

Short Term Plans are available all throughout the year and can be quite beneficial as life events happen, whether betweens jobs, moving into or out state or even for people who want basic coverage for an affordable price.

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Supplement Insurance 

Checking Blood Pressure

These plans are normally great for those with limited insurance plans or simply those who require more coverage to cover a portion if their medicare. Supplemental plans are there to cover what your insurance doesn't.

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Accident Insurance 

Dermatology Consultation

Accidental Medical Expense plans are great to cover your out of pocket expenses. These plans exist to help those with high deductible plans and help cover the part that your insurance normally doesn't.

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Critical Illness  

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

As a supplement, Critical Illness plan is great because it helps to pay and cover those unexpected events like Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attacks and more. These plans are great because they pay as a lump sum to you.

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Pregnancy Yoga

Believe it or not pregnancy is one of those coverages that not every insurance plan covers. There are selective companies who will cover pregnancy and pre-natal care. Click below so that we may talk about your options.

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Student Plans

Female Student

College students now days are required to have a health insurance plan. Universities can provide plans but normally can be limited or very expensive as most require you to pay as a lump sum. Click below for your options.

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Mother with her Baby

Not a Resident? Not a problem, you still have options to great insurance plans that can provide great coverage at affordable rates. Normally these plans do not require any sort of paperwork and can begin the very next day.

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Travel Insurance 


Traveling outside of the country? Are you worried about an accident or food poisoning? Health care cost can be very expensive to tourist while traveling. Travel insurance can help you for very cheap price. 

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