How to protect yourself from a high deductible insurance plan.

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

So you shopped around and unfortunately you got stuck with a high deductible plan and no money to even reach that Max out of pocket. What now?

Health insurance has gotten very expensive now days, so expensive where most of us have turned to raising our deductibles in order to be able to afford our policies. Now if you were to ask me this is not what health insurance is about, your policy should not be so expensive that you need to increase the cost of your out of pocket risk. But then again, this is not what this post is about. Today I would like to talk about how to protect your deductible so that you may substantially reduce your risk of an Expensive Bill.

We all know how deductibles work in the event of an accident or major illness, pay your deductible then insurance will pay the rest. Now, the problem is that now days, deductibles are so out of reach that a simple slip and fall can catastrophically hinder us from our every day lives. There is the problem now we need to come up with a solution, and the solutions are AME and CI supplements.

Accidental Medical Expense (AME)

Accidental Medical Expense is a supplement every policy with a high deductible definitely needs. How does it work? AME is designed to help you pay your out of pocket expenses up to X amount. Normally, if your deductible is $5,000 the least you will need is $5,000 to cover your out of pocket deductible. Now, what is considered an accident? Accidents are anything that your body didn’t naturally produce, slip and fall, a cut, car accidents, fell off a bike, someone spilled hot coffee on you. Any of these can happen at any time and your finances might take a hit.

Critical Illness (CI)

Critical Illness, like AME is a supplement policy every policy with high deductible needs. Unlike AME, CI are provided to the client in a Lump Sum. CI are designed for those unexpected events that makes you forget about everything because you are laying on a hospital bed. These are the cases and situations none of us want to be a part of but we hear all around us unfortunately; heart attack, cancer, tumors, and more. On these situations no matter what the problem is, the last thing you want to worry about is having to pay for a deductible out of pocket. For this instances CI will provide the X amount of your supplemental policy as a Lump Sum to help you cover your out of pocket expenses.

When Can I sign up for AME and CI?

AME and CI are supplemental policies that can be added at any time of the year. They can be restructured and added on to any policy at any time.

Can I use it with my current Policy?

Yes, AME and CI are a supplemental policy that can go with any health insurance policy, even Medicare if you don’t have part B.

Do I really need AME and CI? Who should buy it?

My answer to this question is simple, Yes! Anyone no matter what your deductible is, should have an AME and CI. The main reason why we buy health insurance is to protect ourselves from catastrophic events and financial struggles, if $2,000 can drastically hurt your financial situation; you need to have that covered.

Protect yourself and your family from financial struggles.

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